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Friday, October 8, 2010

Couturier not being made available until after Christmas?

Saw a tweet yesterday from a pretty good source that Sean Couturier's agent, Gilles Lupien, is not making available to scouts and media for interviews until after Christmas.

If true, I don't understand this. Couturier certainly has the English skills to pull any engagement off, and if it's to "protect" him, it could be well-intentioned and smacks of bad business by the agent. It's certainly not a good way to give an NHL team the kind of confidence you want in investing the top selection in a player who might be held too much in the sway of his agent before he's even been drafted.

I hope that this is not accurate or a misunderstanding on my source's part, because there is a lot of hockey to be played between now and late December. Young Couturier should be getting ready to deal with the glaring spotlight rather than being sheltered from it.

One of the things Tyler Seguin told me after the draft was that being exposed to so many demands by the media and the mega-attention he got last season really prepared him for what he was going through in Boston.

Again-- this could be a misinterpretation of Lupien's intentions, so I'm going to confirm, but it's a situation that warrants watching.

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