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Monday, January 10, 2011

NHL: On the Fly- Nice draft coverage

Brian Duff of NHL On the Fly had #1 North American skater Gabriel Landeskog and Central Scouting director E.J. Maguire on the show tonight, which was nice to see. The NHL is doing a lot more to market the draft these days and they're getting better at it every year.

Landeskog talked about the decision to come over from Sweden, his style of game and thoughts about his hockey idols. Adam Larsson's name was brought up and Landeskog cited him as a close friend. Will we see these guys go 1-2 in St. Paul? Probably not, but it would be a historic first. Every time I talk to Gabriel or see him interviewed, I have to marvel at how much like a Canadian or American he is in terms of his speech and mannerisms. He even has the "you knows" and "obviouslys" down pat. But in all seriousness, you also understand why he's captain given the way he conducts himself. It isn't a skill that will get him drafted a lot higher than he will in June, but every bit helps.

Maguirewas pretty good, too. He expanded on why Landeskog was No. 1 (a last minute decision), talked about Sean Couturier and his presence at WJC and the fact he missed R& D camp with mono. Plus, he weighed in on a Ken Hitchcock story in Toronto at R&D camp about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and how Hitchcock made a Joe Sakic reference to the small but ultra-fast and high-octane Red Deer Rebels offensive centerman.

There was also a behind-the-scenes look at how Central Scouting puts together their lists.

It's been a good day of hockey coverage. Time to close it out for the night and get back it on Tuesday. Euro updates will hit the streets in the afternoon.


  1. i saw the interview last night. i thought he handled himself extremely well for an 18-year-old. it seemed to me like he relished the spotlight - just one of those intangible things that "it" players have. perfect english too. i wouldn't mind seeing him wear black and gold next year.

  2. You're right on the mark.

    But, if Toronto keeps winning, any potential Landeskog scenario for Boston will quickly evaporate. He's a top-three pick if the draft happens today, IMO, and could move up. Of course, the high ankle sprain will be interesting if his game is off/hindered when he returns.

    Last impressions are usually best (as was case for Taylor Hall last spring), so if Landeskog struggles, that could benefit the Bruins.

    Assuming they're onto him, that is. Be sure to read my "Case For: Landeskog" post from last month if you haven't done so already.