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Saturday, January 22, 2011

You knew Nathan Beaulieu was a good defenseman...

...but did you know how well he could lay the smackdown?

If you're a Sea Dogs supporter, you're probably well aware of the fact that he can throw 'em, but for the rest of you, here's a little treat from today's game vs. Chicoutimi.

Alexandre Roy's face definitely got the worst of that exchange with Nathan Beaulieu. I'm no fight expert, but I would have to say that it was a bad move on Roy's part to stick his glove in Beaulieu's face...and then keep it there. Just sayin'.

Beaulieu is coming on after a tough start this season, and he's a guy to watch on that Saint John ensemble cast Gerard Gallant has rolling there in the Maritimes.

Thanks to hockeyfightsplus for the video.


  1. actually coachpb9617, qmjhl and (i believe) chl players can't take their visor (helmet) off before a fight. they get an automatic game misconduct penality (rule 9.8 in the qmjhl rule book)


  2. Jerome is correct-- you're all wet on this on this one Coach. CHL players no longer allowed to remove helmets before a fight- automatic boot if they do as he explained citing the book.

    Last year, Dylan McIlrath pounded a lot of guys because I noticed he seemed to be a lot more adept at getting their lids off than they were on his. Gets to the long reach and "monkey arms" he told me he had in an interview I did with him. But, getting the opponent's helmet off has become a good skill to have these days if you're a fighter in major junior.

    Seems dumb, but it's the rule. One that the CHL should consider reversing, IMO, because it isn't deterring anyone from fighting, and it just might save some broken hands/fingers in the future.