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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jurco helps Saint John win 14th straight

The Sea Dogs are clearly the class of the QMJHL and puck whiz Tomas Jurco is doing his part to revive his stock after slipping at the WJC and just after.

They just won their 14th consecutive game handily tonight with a 4-1 victory over Halifax despite missing a few guys up front.

Jurco netted his 28th goal in 49 games and is coming on at just the right time. When you watch how dangerous he is with the puck and look closely at his sublime release, it isn't hard to understand why people were gushing about him last season.

He's no longer the potential top-10 pick scouts and hockey people were talking about, but if he heats up in the postseason, then anything is possible. You just have to understand that you're getting a player who is pretty one-dimensional, and so long as you make that devil's bargain, you'll be pretty pleased with what Jurco can bring to the offense.

He's just one part of a very slick (should we say sick?) Saint John machine.

Readers of the B2011DW blog will be getting to know Jurco's teammate Jonathan Huberdeau in close detail in the coming days, so stay tuned.

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