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Monday, November 15, 2010

2011 Boston Bruins draft pick update; 15 Nov.

Back with the weekly draft pick update for those of you who can't get enough of the various permutations and possibilities a little over a month into the regular season (a select group of hockey fans for sure).

The good news is that the Toronto Maple Leafs have taken a nosedive since their 4-0-1 start which evoked ludicrous statements on YouTube videos like this one: "Toronto Maple Leafs: Beasts of the East!" and other dreck. The team now sits in 27th place with a 5-8-3 record, and recently was dealt a crushing loss to the Vancouver Canucks. It was a game in which they took a 2-0 lead, lost it, tied it at 3 goals and then saw J.S. Giguere give up le softie to Mason Raymond in a 4-3 loss that the Leafs should have taken at least a point out of.

The team is just not very good, much the same as last year. In fairness, the Leafs have been without injured players Dion Phaneuf and Colby Armstrong, but the scorers they've been counting on to score haven't gotten the job done. Looks like barring some kind of drastic reversal of fortune, we'll be having another fun season on the draft pick watch.

As for the Bruins, they've lost their last two games against division rivals Montreal and Ottawa, scoring just one goal. They're holding onto the eighth spot in the East, but just barely (tied in points with Atlanta at 17). Tim Thomas finally suffered his first loss of the season, coming up on the short end of the 2-0 shutout Ottawa put on the B's at the TD Garden to return the favor Boston put on them last month.

Also interesting is how the Western Conference is, once again, shaping up to Boston's benefit. Although the Minnesota Wild are higher in the standings than the Bruins with 18 points to Boston's 17, because they are 10th in their conference and therefore out of the playoffs, their second round pick is two slots better than the B's. This is obviously not going to hold until the end of the year, but it will be interesting to watch, because the West is clearly a more competitive conference than the East is right now, meaning that the Bruins could greatly benefit by having the Wild over there fighting for points against some of the NHL's better clubs (sorry Edmonton, I like what you're doing, but you've got a long way to go).

And now, for the draft pick update, not taking the lottery into consideration.

1st Round

4th overall- Toronto (13 points; 5-8-3)- Completes Phil Kessel trade.
15th overall- Boston (17 points; 8-5-1)

2nd Round

43rd overall- Minnesota (18 points; 8-6-2)- Completes Chuck Kobasew trade.
45th overall- Boston

3rd Round

79th overall- Phoenix (19 points; 7-5-5) - Completes Derek Morris trade.
Boston pick traded to Florida; Completes Nathan Horton deal

4th Round

105th overall- Boston

5th Round

135th overall- Boston

6th Round

165th overall- Boston

7th Round

Pick traded to Chicago (Zach Trotman)

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