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Sunday, June 5, 2011

One last note on the combine

It's always a thrill when you can come face-to-face with one of your hockey idols as a child, and for me, it happened the very first day at the Westin when I had the pleasure of hanging out a little with former NHL goalie and current Octagon agent Mike Liut.

Liut is a class act whose amazing memory/talent for recall makes every one of his stories the kind of tales that have you hanging on his every word.

I've met and even interviewed Liut before, but it just reminds how fun this business is when I remember all the times I cut out any picture I could find of him when he was with the Blues and Whalers out of the Hockey News and put them up on my wall as a kid.

Most hockey guys are good guys. And what's better is that in all of the dealings I've had with my guys as a kid, every one of them has proven to be the kind of sterling character person I hoped for/envisioned when looking up to them as a youngster.

Although we work in hockey now and have to keep it professional wherever possible, it's always OK to let a little bit of the fan in you come out. Otherwise, why do we love and follow the wonderful game of hockey so much.

Thanks for the support and continued traffic to this site- I am in your debt.

On Monday, it's back to the 50 in 30 countdown and we'll give you one or two more combine prospect videos to help you get to know these young men who will soon be getting a chance to see their draft dreams come true.

Hope you'll stick around (and tell your friends about this blog!)

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