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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bruins prospect profile #26: Tyler Randell

Tyler Randell, RW
6-2, 195
June 15, 1991
Shoots; Right
Boston's 4th choice, 176th overall in 2009 Draft
Signing status: Signed through 2014

Talent Analysis

A power forward prospect who has all of the abilities and skills to be an impact NHL player but has yet to put it all together. Average skater; a little sluggish, but has an efficient stride; can really motor in the open ice. Lateral agility is OK and could stand to improve overall edgework. Crashes the net and creates problems for opposing defenders and goalies with his strength and stick. Excellent shooter with quick hands and a hard, heavy wrister that he can wire topshelf with ease. Gets a lot of power on his slap shot and can do damage with it when he gets some space to work with. Underrated backhander. Not much of a passer; tends to finish off chances going up and down the wing rather than setting the table for his linemates. When on his game, plays with a nasty edge, banging bodies and dropping the gloves. Fought a lot in the OHL this past season and still found the time to score 20 goals. Can handle himself well in that department and seems willing to stick up for teammates when the situation calls for it.

Intangibles: Coming around in his consistency and effort levels. In talking to people who know him well, you get the impression that he's uneven with putting forth maximum effort and has issues with the compete level at times. When motivated and on his game, he's a force; if the light ever comes on for him and stays on, he could be something at the highest level. Hockey sense isn't exceptional; he has to play a standard up-and-down game to be effective and you don't get much creativity from him.

Boston Bruins 2011 Development Camp assessment

Randell showed off his fine shot once again: it's hard, heavy and comes with a rapid release. He doesn't have the greatest skating or agility, but when he gets up a powerful head of steam, he goes to the net and is tough to stop. Randell is at his best when initiating contact, going into the greasy/dirty areas of the ice and using that shot to force goalies to make saves. It was another solid development camp performance from a guy who is essentially a meat-and-potatoes, north-south player, but who has enough talent to challenge for an NHL job one day.

Tyler Randell in action

Randell fight highlight vid on YouTube posted by randomdude16


He's a lot like Lane MacDermid in that he'll make his bones on the fourth line as a banger who will fight more than someone who scores. Randell has a higher skill level than MacDermid but isn't as industrious a player-- it will be interesting to see how Randell fares in the pros. At one time, he was considered a top-three round prospect for the 2009 draft, so the raw talent is there, he will just have to keep his motor revving on high to get his opportunities. For a sixth-round selection, he's shaping up to be an eventual contributor, but how far Randell goes will largely be up to him and how hard he's willing to work.


"Anthony Camara as I mentioned yesterday is a kid that has a lot of bite. You know you saw him play a physical brand of hockey but he still can make some plays. Tyler Randell is the same way. You know we want to see whether or not, where his skill set is and continue to improve. You know Shawn Thornton is the best example of that that you can possibly come up with. I mean, Shawn Thornton scored ten goals for us this year and you know, he does the other part of his job, he’s used in all situations. You know the guys that play that type of sole should be identifying with that. But Shawn worked hard on his skills. And those guys need to."- Bruins Assistant GM Don Sweeney; July 11, 2011

"Tyler is a very big, physical, skilled player. What he's going to need to work on is his consistency. There are games when he's dominant and other nights, he's filling a sweater. At this level, he should be scoring 25-30 goals in a season, so this is a big year for him."- Kitchener Rangers coach Steve Spott to B2010DW; June, 2010

"I've told Tyler that there's going to be someone from Boston evaluating him every night. The difference in the paycheck between Boston and Providence every night is huge. Like (Dustin) Byfuglien, he's going to have to go to the net and make his hay there. Last year was tough for him because he battled through some back injuries, but with his size and skill level, he's capable of bigger things, and he knows that."- Steve Spott to B2010DW; June, 2010

“I think I’ve progressed a lot since the last time I was here. It’s been great so far this week. We did the Program, which was some crazy training. It was great to work as a team with these guys and push each other to be the best we can be.”- Tyler Randell to B2010DW, Wilmington, Mass.; July 6-10, 2010

“I think the best thing I bring is strength and teamwork. I’ll battle in the corners and drag the puck to the net. I’ll always be there for my teammates if they’re in trouble. I’m more a team player and hard, gritty player.”- Randell to B2010DW, Wilmington, Mass.; July 6-10, 2010

“When I have the chance, I’ll let the shot go. But other than that, I’ll drive my body to the net and use my size and weight and get in that crease.”- Randell to B2010DW; July 6-10, 2010

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