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Sunday, September 5, 2010

One less great site for draft prospects out there

The great NHLDraftNotes blog, which was without peer in terms of detailed scouting reports and profiles on WHL and BCHL players, is now officially kaput.


But the good news is that the reason for its demise is that Mike Remmerde, a 13-year veteran of Red Line Report, has taken a scouting position with the New York Islanders according to the comments section.

I've known Mike a long time and I knew this was coming, so best wishes to him on the new gig, kudos to Garth Snow for bringing an outstanding scout into the Isles' fold. Though we'll miss the incomparable NHLDraftNotes blog, Mike set a high standard with his work and will continue to do so; the recognition he's now gained was long overdue.

This is a great story for anyone who's dreamed of getting a job with an NHL team, and is willing to work hard by traveling myriad miles and visiting countless freezing rinks in the dead of winter, but getting your name out there through sheer effort and astute observations.

What's more, Remmerde's departure to the Islanders is one more example of Kyle Woodlief's contribution in sending RLR staff members into the big league. Regardless of what you think of Kyle personally, there is not one scouting service who can even come close to the track record of longevity RLR has enjoyed as hockey's premier independent scouting review and the sheer number of independent scout employees he's helped get into the NHL. So, the next time someone tries to tell you that Red Line doesn't have any credibility, you might want to ask how many NHL scouts whatever other rag or website they're shilling for has produced. It's an instant debate-ender.

Best of luck, Michael. You've earned it!

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