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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A prep player overlooked: Petr Placek

It's kinda hard to do when the guy is 6-4 and 200 pounds, but Hotchkiss right winger Petr Placek got nary a mention when I listed the New England prep players to watch. And it isn't like he's a sleeper, either. The Harvard ('11) recruit scored 16 goals in 24 games last season and has improved his skating and agility/coordination since showing up two years ago from his native Czech Republic as a gangly 15-year-old (Dec. '92 birthdate).

Like a lot of big wingers, his first few steps aren't great, but once he gets up a good head of steam, he can make things happen at speed and goes hard to the net. A horse along the walls and down low, Placek could put up explosive numbers this season for coach Damon White's crew.

Everyone raves about Placek's intelligence, work ethic and grace under pressure, so we could be looking at a potential first-round pick in 2011 or solid second-rounder. Keep and eye on this one.


  1. I went to Hotchkiss with Placek and i understand what you are saying, but i totally disagree. The kid has all the talent in the world along with a perfect NHL body(he has certainly put on some poundage this fall). However, I have seen him play over 50 times and I have only once or twice said "Wow" to a goal he scored or play he made. He often disappears only to reappear when the game is out of hand. He is incredibly soft and uses his body poorly, despite the fact he is 6'4 205. I'm sorry but he should never be drafted higher than his old teammate Mac Bennett(3rd round pick of MTL in '09). He's a good kid, who works hard, so I hope to see him get drafted way too high just for his sake, and I hope Harvard shapes him into a beast in the corners(which is certainly is not).

  2. I go to Hotchkiss with Placek and I completely disagree with Quatr. Petr had surgery four weeks ago on his meniscus came back yesterday to have a goal in the first period followed but another goal and an assist before sitting the third period before Salisbury on wednesday. Soft, really Quatr? I think that kid yesterday who was carted off the ice after a Placek hit thinks he is soft too. He is shaping up to be not only one of the best forwards in New England but in country. He works hard in hockey and the classroom and it setting himself to be successful when he gets to Harvard. He gets better every time he steps on the ice. He is Dirty Pete, nuff said.