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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Going on Team 1260 with Allan Mitchell aka Lowetide

If you're reading this now, go over to www.team1260.com

I enjoyed being on the new Radio Nation show hosted by Allan Mitchell aka Lowetide, who has one of the most amazing blogs in hockey- you can go here and read it if you ever have interest in what the Edmonton Oilers are up to.

If the show gets archived, I will post the link. But, it was a singular honor to be on his new show for the first iteration. I was humbled by his praise of the blog and thank everyone for their support. It was also great to be on the same show as guest John Short, who used to have me on his radio show in Edmonton and was a true gentleman and class act.

It was great to hear Mr. Short on the airwaves again- thanks Allan for the opportunity and for having me on your very first inaugural broadcast.

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