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Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 Boston Bruins Development Camp: Day 2 recap

We were back at the Ristuccia Memorial Arena in Wilmington, MA on Friday for the second day of Boston Bruins development camp.

1st A.M. session- Power skating skills development

Georgian (the former Soviet republic and not the Peachtree state) skating instructor Besa Tsintsadze put the B's kids through the paces with a spirited, challenging session.

The prospects group as a whole skates pretty well. Some are certainly better than others, but nobody stood out as struggling or having a hard time with accomplishing what needed to be done.

2nd A.M. session- Skill work and drills

More 1-on-1 skating, passing and shooting drills followed once they resurfaced the ice.

Not a great deal to focus in on today or get excited about. This was building block work. I leave the detailed analysis to others, but I do urge caution in getting too excited about what we're seeing in drills and small, isolated snapshots. The real scrutiny should be reserved for the scrimmages but most importantly, the camp and preseason work in the fall.

In any case, will analyze the work by individuals with more depth in preparing each prospect profile.

For a more detailed look at what happened today, please check out the Kirk's Call blog at the New England Hockey Journal website.

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