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Friday, October 22, 2010

Homage to Tim Thomas

I don't often link my work at New England Hockey Journal to this blog, but this one I felt might be of interest to those of you following Tim Thomas and his tremendous start.

I've known Thomas since he was an unknown. We even took in a Bruins-Islanders game together in the B's pressbox way back in March of 2002, before he ever took the ice in an NHL contest.

Sometimes, we forget that players aren't robots and health issues can have a major impact on their effectiveness. Thomas has done an unreal job of bouncing back after successful hip surgery and is really helping the team not only with his play, but the GM, who now has some significantly more trade leverage should he decide to exercise it.

With the kind of chip Thomas has on his shoulder right now, I would not expect a major downturn in his play. Vezina Timmy is back.

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