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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Leafs bolt out to 4-0 start

Last season, Toronto started with a moribund record of 0-7-1, but they've jumped out to a hot 4-0 start for the first time since 1993-94.

With the changes the team made last season and over the summer, most felt that another second overall selection to Boston wasn't happening, but are the Leafs this good?

My belief after watching them blow a 3-1 lead in New York last night, only to get a power play winner from Phil Kessel in OT for the win is...no. Don't get me wrong-- J.S. Giguere will win them some close games that Vesa Toskala could not last year, but the offense is overachieving right now, and when the forwards inevitably come back down to earth a bit, so will Toronto's record.

However, coming away with a top-10 selection next June may be a bridge too far. Toronto's playing well, and you have to give them some credit, too.

I'll post the first standings watch of the year on Monday, after we've seen how the Bruins fare against the Devils this weekend. Weird schedule with the Europe opening-- everyone is playing a lot of hockey it seems, and the B's have just those two games to hang their hat on right now. Seems kind of like they're in limbo.

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