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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do you want to know USA Hockey?

Then be sure to read "The United States of Hockey" blog by Chris Peters.

I got to know Chris when he was the lead media relations POC for the U.S. NTDP over the last couple of seasons. He helped me hook up with all of those great U.S. Under-18 Team players you've read about over the past couple of seasons.

He knows his hockey, and he's a good dude, so give his blog a read. And, follow him on Twitter, too. He's got a lot of insights because of his connections to USA Hockey.

And, while you're at it. Follow ME on Twitter (if you aren't doing so already). I changed my username to @kluedeke29 because I am now the feature writer for the New Jersey Devils and NY/NJ prospects editor for the soon-to-be-launched New York Hockey Journal (our inaugural issue hits the streets in rinks across NY/NJ) in January.

My coverage of the Bruins and their prospects for the New England Hockey Journal won't change-- just taking on more of a role in writing and helping to get our sister publication off the ground.


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