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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toronto scribe: Leafs' chances of making the playoffs? Slim

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun has an interesting take on the Toronto Maple Leafs' chances of making the playoffs.

He has some good points in there and brings up the whole three-point system (loser points for OT and SO defeats) which I think has been to the detriment of the NHL ever since it was instituted.

Anyway-- I agree that the Leafs will not make the playoffs. Why? Because they simply aren't good enough up front to generate the consistent offense they would need to make an end-run to get there. But, the question that we can't answer right now is this:

How close will the Leafs come to making it?

Non-playoff teams draft 1-14. Obviously, the closer to 14, the worse it is for Boston. So, we'll see where it all ends up come April, but based on how poorly the Islanders and Devils have played, it isn't looking like it will be top-two. At least, not unless the Bruins luck out majorly with the lottery. And, with the Leafs tied with Florida in points right now, one wonders if they will leapfrog the Panthers this week and not look back.

It's all shaping up for an exciting draft watch here in the coming winter months...

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