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Friday, January 21, 2011

Guess who's 4-0-1 in their last five games?

The New Jersey Devils, that's who!

They're still in the NHL's cellar with just 31 points, and that horrific seven losses in Jacques Lemaire's first 8 games as coach really put them behind the 8-ball.

But, they're only 6 wins- 12 points behind the Leafs. Um, yeah- that's a lot of ground to make up and expect the Devils to have a legitimate chance to not only catch the Leafs, but push them down in the standings. But if you're a Bruins fan, then just watch this clip and let the powers of positivity and optimism flow through you! (And remember- Zach Parise will be back in March for a boost assuming Lou Lamoriello doesn't blow it up)

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  1. Parise won't be back in March. He isn't allowed to start skating until he sees the doctor again in mid-March. If he plays again at all this season if won't be for more than handful of games.

    The Devils will still probably play around .500 the rest of the way, even without Parise. They'll most likely move Arnott, but he has 1 goal in his last 22 games and skates like he has the whole orchestra on his back. Unloading Arnott really wouldn't affect them detrimentally much, if at all. They are probably better off with Josefson in the lineup at this point.

    They'll wind up close to the Leafs, but I think the Leafs will still wind up slightly head of the Devils in the standings.