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Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 draft Eastern Europe midseason prospects review coming soon

This is a teaser post just to let you know that I conducted an interview with Red Line Report scout Radim Jelinek about the draft options from Czech/Slovakia and more and will have that two-part series up tonight and concluding tomorrow.

Be sure to check back here this evening for Part 1, and then Monday for Part 2. Monday's always a heavy content day for the Draft Watch blog what, with the Waffle Watch update and news from the weekend games hitting the street.

But, trust me-- you'll want to read what Radim is saying because he's always had excellent insights. He was saying that David Krejci and Vladimir Sobotka were the real deal before anyone in North America even got a look at them. Conversely, he went out of his way to tell me how bad a pick Lukas Vantuch was when the Bruins made it back in 2005.

So, he's done good work for Red Line since 2002, and will bring you some nice detail and perspective on his area of expertise.

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