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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CHL Top Prospects Game tonight-- no live television for U.S. viewers

Just when you thought the NHL was on board with promoting the draft in the U.S., they pull away the football a la Lucy to Charlie Brown.

The 2011 Home Hardware CHLTop Prospects Game will NOT be televised live on the NHL Network this year like it was last season.

Instead, we get treated to the NY Rangers-Toronto Maple Leafs tilt at Madison Square Garden. Yay.

So, setting the DVR for tomorrow at 2 pm to see the prospects game via tape delay. By then, all of the results and commentary will be in.

Nothing like trying to run a cutting edge prospects blog but getting the short shrift. I guess I should not complain-- in past years, I had to wait for VHS tapes and later DVDs of the game from my buds in Canada, but still-- this is a disappointment after the NHL let us see it live last year. I guess the ratings may have had something to do with it, but seeing the game late is better than never.

Anyway- that's the rant. Once I get a chance to see it, I'll weigh in with observations and try not to parrot what our good Canadian blogs are sure to have as the game unfolds.


  1. Maybe a little off topic here Kirk, but i have to wonder about where the game itself is going without the NHL promoting it like they should, not just in the USA but in Canada as well.

    Toronto is called the center of the hockey universe and i must say that i was absolutely shocked with the small turn out at the skills comptetition last night and it was quite enjoyable. I also understand the game for tonight isnt even sold out.

    I can understand them wanting to keep it in the Toronto area as its somewhat central, but I think maybe its time to move it to an OHL arena where it may not have as many people, but will be sold out and be a better atmosphere. Brampton, Mississauga, Oshawa and even Kitchener are close enough. Even London with 9000 seat arena and a good international airport would be great. Windsor seemed to put on a good show when it was there.

    I dont know, just a pet peeve of mine. But a full arena seems to add more to a game than one thats half empty.

    Thanks for listening to my rant

  2. Curious.

    Well, we'll count on your updates at least until late afternoon tomorrow when I can see the game for myself and take a look at the players and how they perform.

    Video isn't the best method, but it beats sitting in the dark basement w/ boxer shorts blogging away!

  3. I don't know about you but I really enjoyed the Leafs game last night lol

    Saxon Eric

  4. It was a reminder that Toronto is just not that good, wasn't it Eric? I tweeted last night that the Leafs getting tooled on in MSG while the Top Prospects were playing in the ACC, where few if any are likely to end up, was a nice bit of irony.

    Of course, neither are New Jersey, Edmonton, the Islanders and Ottawa, which complicates things in terms of where that pick is going to end up.

    Gut feeling here is that if it is close enough to 4-5, the Bruins will try to trade up and grab Gabriel Landeskog. Of course, a lot of what happens with Gabriel depends on how he comes back from that high ankle sprain, but my sources and intuition tell me that they are hot after this kid. We'll see how it all plays out.