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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Announcement: Bruins 2011 Draft Watch to Attend the NHL Draft Combine

That's right, loyal readers- we will be in Toronto the first week of June to take in the NHL Draft Combine and conduct interviews/do features on the draft eligible players there.

Primary coverage will be with the New England Hockey Journal and its website HockeyJournal.com, but there will be plenty of content, videos and insights on this blog to keep you on your toes as we will finish the event with just three weeks to go until the main event in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

We're excited about this opportunity to bring you more breaking news, video content and the rumors/insights that we are sure we'll pick up on the ground there in Toronto, so please be sure to bookmark the site if you have not done so already. Oh, the more followers the merrier, so sign up to be a blog follower at right. Last year, we finished with 59. We're at 40 right now, so let's add a lot more.

You can follow us on Twitter as well to get hockey observations, pop culture references and other odds and ends: @kluedeke29

As always, a huge thank you to all of our great readers and followers- your support has turned this into a small idea that began as a lark into a full-time operation.

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