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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A mock draft worth checking out

In the interest of full disclosure, B2011DW is on to it because he linked some of our analysis, but what I like about Tom Stivali's mock on the excellent New Jersey Devils blog "In Lou We Trust" is that he has some ballsy picks in there and goes against the standard grain.

This draft is going to have some surprises- guys going higher than you think they will, even though the top-10 may very well resemble what we're already looking at in terms of players. The crazy thing will be with where these guys go in the draft order.

We told Tom that his Jonathan Huberdeau pick is ballsy, but that's precisely the kind of selection that might happen after hearing about an "established top-three" for months. Don't be so quick to dismiss it. Who had Ryan Johansen going 4th overall to Columbus last year? I'd wager not many folks did.

Anyway- check out the mock. I've linked to it right here. And, if you found this site because you followed Tom's kind link to a few of our posts, then please accept out thanks. One good turn deserves another.

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  1. Wow, so it seems as though it is general knowledge that the B's will have the oppurtunity to draft either Hamilton, Bealieu, or Murphy. I like all three, but one out of those plus seguin and knight for phil kessel... thats just ridiculous.